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Enjoy breathtaking sceneries in gorgeous destinations. Our cruise destinations have been hand-picked based on real customer feedback and personal experience. advisors are on hand to discuss your requirements and help you build your dream cruise holiday.

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Cruise the most unique river in the world and experience the history and beauty of a waterway that runs through ten different countries.


Prepare for an extraordinary escapade as you set sail along the magnificent Douro River, a treasured waterway that meanders through charming landscapes and renowned vineyards in Portugal and Spain.


Romance and this beautifully scenic and meandering river are intertwined with a trading history dating back to Roman times.


Experience the beauty and inspiration for the world’s most famous literature and music on Germany’s longest river, a key trading route since the Roman Empire.


Flowing through Southeast Asia, experience diverse cultures and ethnicities on this ancient waterway, the second most biologically diverse river in the world.


Experience the Land of the Pharaohs on a waterway that provides the essential thread through Egyptian culture, history and civilisation.


Experience the sheer beauty of the river Elbe, famous for inspiring artists and writers of the Romantic Movement, with our luxury River Cruise deals, the ultimate blend of history, culture, and stunning views.


Sail through Bavaria’s peaceful and pastoral landscapes and discover some highlights of Germany’s fascinating historical treasures and heritage.


Explore this ancient trading route’s fascinating heritage and beautiful scenery from Greek and Roman times with our Rhône River Cruise deals.


Discover the artistic treasures in the Louvre and Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny and see why the Seine River has inspired so many famous impressionist painters.

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We partner with the best cruise companies in the world. We ensure that every partner has the same ethos as we do, to put the customer first. Talk to us today about which partners we work with and what deals we currently have.

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With, you won’t get a list of every single cruise package available. We treat each customer as an individual, and we understand that there are a lot of things to think about when booking your ultimate cruise holiday. From the type of river, to the cruise company, to travel insurance, to hotel bookings, we have everything covered and tailored specifically for you.

Cruise Deals

Exclusive river cruise deals

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Secrets of Egypt & the Nile

Enjoy the rich and historic culture of Egypt and some of its most iconic cities with the Secrets of Egypt & the Nile Cruise by AmaWaterways. We’re taking bookings for 2023 and 2024

  • Jan - Jun & Sep - Dec
  • 11 Nights
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    Locations visited

  • 1

    Luxury ship

  • 6


Enticing Douro

Enjoy the authentic and whimsical charm of one of the world’s most renowned wine regions on the Enticing Douro Cruise by AmaWaterways. We’re taking bookings for 2023 and 2024

  • Aug - Dec & Mar - Dec
  • 7 Nights
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The Grand Danube

Embark on the Grand Danube cruise and unlock ten countries packed with history and folklore. Start with an Oktoberfest bash in Vilshofen, hike the Passauer Schloss, pedal around Vienna, and indulge in pastry and yoghurt tastings in Vidin. It’s an unforgettable adventure with plenty of flavour!

  • Mar - Dec
  • 14 Nights
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    Countries visited

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    Choice of Ships

  • 20

    Exciting excursions

Captivating Rhine

Sail Europe’s most beautiful waterway and imbibe culture, heritage and stunning scenery with the Captivating Rhine River Cruise from Amawaterways. Explore fascinating locations and enjoy luxury accommodation and award-winning dining on this enchanting fairytale journey through four countries.


Personal experience of a team member

A couple laughing sitting on the deck of a Rhine River cruise ship

Sarah Brown, Expert

View from Deck by Sarah

“Cruising the Danube River is an unforgettable experience that promises to take you through some of the most beautiful and historically rich regions of Europe. The river stretches from the Black Forest in Germany, all the way to the Black Sea in Romania, and is home to some of the most stunning and culturally significant landmarks in the world”.

Cruise Reviews

“Cruising was such a unique way to see and visit some Eastern European cities which we had never been to before. Prague and Budapest were outstanding, plus we had the joy of a beautiful boat and the whole atmosphere and ambience of the river cruise – it really was a double whammy. The standard of the boat and the care and service of the staff were also five star.”

David and Helen, Hatfield Hertfordshire

“As keen cruisers, we like to think we’re just a little picky and selective but couldn’t fault this Danube cruise in terms of quality and delivery – it lived up to all our expectations. We had been to a couple of these cities before, but to arrive by water and put the city stops into the context of this famous river was a complete revelation. I’d definitely recommend it as a way of seeing this part of the world.”

Peter and Mandy, Derby

“This cruise was a surprise anniversary present for my wife, so I was very nervous that it would live up to expectations. Well, it didn’t disappoint. The boat and cruising experience were just amazing, with such thoughtful attention to detail, and that’s before you consider the amazing places we were visiting. I would definitely recommend this cruise, there’s something for everyone.”

James, Bournemouth

“What we really liked about this cruise is the helpful advice and information provided about each destination. To be honest, there is just so much to see and do at each stop, so it’s really useful to have that filter to make an informed choice about what to go and see. The information catered to everyone’s preferences and interests, and even regular cruisers were impressed at the local insight, and the boat staff were so knowledgeable and helpful. This is definitely the best way to travel!”

Hattie and David, West Lothian


You can check our frequently ask questions here anytime

What are the top destinations for winter cruises?

Top destinations for winter cruises include the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaskan wilderness, and the Canary Islands. Experience unparalleled luxury amidst these enchanting locations.

Which destinations are best for summer cruises?

Ideal destinations for summer cruises encompass the Greek Isles, Baltic Sea, Norwegian Fjords, and Hawaiian Islands. Discover the epitome of luxury travel in these captivating regions.

Is a passport required for a cruise?

A valid passport is typically required for a cruise, especially when travelling to international destinations. Ensure you have the necessary documentation for an indulgent voyage.

What is the typical duration of a cruise?

Cruises offer varying durations, ranging from a few delightful days to extended journeys lasting weeks. Experience the pinnacle of elegance and relaxation with a cruise tailored to your preferences.

What is the approximate cost of a seven-day cruise per person?

The cost of a seven-day luxury cruise per person varies depending on factors like the cruise line, ship, destination, cabin type, and timing of the reservation. Please see our individual cruise pages for more information; you can browse by cruise destination or cruise types, such as river cruises.

Are cruises priced per person?

Yes, cruises are typically priced per person. Immerse yourself in the lap of sophistication and enjoy refined pleasures during your opulent journey.

Which month offers the most affordable cruises?

Consider planning your cruise for exceptional value in January, February, or September. These months often provide more affordable rates, allowing you to revel in luxury at an enticing price point.

How many passengers can be accommodated on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships cater to discerning travellers and offer a range of capacities. From intimate boutique vessels to grand, awe-inspiring ships, the passenger capacity varies based on the ship’s size and design.

Is food all-inclusive on cruise ships?

Cruises curate extraordinary dining experiences with gourmet cuisine. While complimentary access to a variety of dining options is often included, speciality restaurants or exclusive venues may require an additional fee. Savour culinary excellence during your luxurious voyage.

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