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African Adventure

Experience the vibrancy and colour of Zimbabwe before cruising the verdant waterways of the Chobe River with peaceful views shared only with local wildlife. Explore Chobe National Park and one of nature’s greatest spectacles, Victoria Falls, and experience warm African hospitality in this town, which straddles the banks of the Zambezi River.

Explore the Beating Heart of Africa

Think Africa and think plains, rivers, and wildlife. The Chobe River is the most incredible lure for Africa’s most popular wildlife species and the best way to view these magnificent animals as they come down to the water to drink. Enjoy the tranquil peace of this incredible landscape, a haven for nature.

Cruising Delights

Savour life at a river pace, with lazy days on board, enjoying the view and the incredible African sunrises and sunsets. This cruise has port itineraries at the start and end of the voyage, with the opportunity to imbibe the local culture and taste the delicious cuisine, always served with a warm African welcome.

Chobe River Cruises

A Chobe River Cruise is the ultimate way to see the wildlife of Africa both from the river and on a road safari in Chobe National Park. Starting in Zimbabwe and ending at Victoria Falls, a cruise along the Chobe gives access to some of the best big game viewing in the world. The river runs along the northern boundary of the national park and is an attraction for huge herds of elephants and buffalo, which converge on the water during the dry season. Our luxury River Cruise offers the chance to explore the stunning vistas of this beautiful area, a unique blend of awe-inspiring wildlife and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets and sunrises in one of the world’s most unspoilt locations.

Chobe River Cruise Deals

Embark on your Chobe journey with Crui.se

Crui.se Loves
12 Nights
Mar Oct

Rivers & Rails of Africa 12 Nights

  • Cape Town
  • Cape Town (EMBARK)
  • Safari By Boat
  • Chobe National Park
  • Local African Village
  • Victoria Falls (DISEMBARK)
  • Victoria Falls
  • Victoria Falls / Rovos Rail
  • Rovos Rail - Hwange Game Reserve
  • Rovos Rail - cross into South Africa
  • Pretoria
£11,869pp Est. Price per person
  • Zambezi Queen

  • Chobe
16 Nights
Mar Nov

Golden Trails of Africa

  • Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg / Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen / Victoria Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Arusha / Tarangire
  • Tarangire
  • Tarangire / Lake Manyara / Ngorongoro
  • Ngorongoro
  • Ngorongoro / Serengeti National Park
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Serengeti National Park / Arusha
£14,677pp Est. Price per person
  • Zambezi Queen

  • Chobe
12 Nights
Mar Nov

Wildlife and the Falls

  • Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg / Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen / Victoria Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Kruger Park
  • Kruger Park / Johannesburg
£11,797pp Est. Price per person
  • Zambezi Queen

  • Chobe
9 Nights
Mar Nov

Discover Africa

  • Cape Town
  • Cape Town / Victoria Falls (EMBARK)
  • Victoria Falls
  • Chobe National Park
  • Visit to Local African Village
  • Victoria Falls (DISEMBARK)
  • Victoria Falls / Johannesburg
£9,285pp Est. Price per person
  • Zambezi Queen

  • Chobe
13 Nights
Mar Aug
Oct Nov

Rivers & Rails of Africa 13 Nights

  • Cape Town
  • Cape Town / Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen / Victoria Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Victoria Falls / Rovos Rail
  • Rovos Rail
  • Pretoria / Johannesburg
£11,643pp Est. Price per person
  • Zambezi Queen

  • Chobe
14 Nights
Feb Nov

Stars of South Africa

  • Cape Town
  • Cape Town / Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen
  • Zambezi Queen / Victoria Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Johannesburg
  • Kruger Park
  • Kruger Park / Johannesburg
£12,214pp Est. Price per person
  • Zambezi Queen

  • Chobe
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Chobe River Cruise Lines

In partnership with our trusted cruise partners, relax and let the world glide past as you take in the amazing views and wildlife on the Chobe River. You’ll enjoy five-star service and hospitality with operators totally dedicated to the customer experience for the ultimate Chobe River cruise.

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Reasons to Cruise
the Chobe River

Watching Wildlife

The views and wildlife speak for themselves, plus guests can see the animals in their natural habitat by the waterside. Find out all about them from our expert crew with the chance to cruise closer for that unique picture. Start and finish each day with legendary African sunrises and sunsets.

Gourmet Cuisine

Enjoy African and international cuisine delivered to your table by our on-board chefs with regional and global wines to accompany your meals. There are daily vegetarian and vegan options with special or restricted diets easily catered for. Low passenger numbers mean guests enjoy the personal touch with tailored menus and attentive service.

Chobe River Cruise Itinerary

Embark on an unforgettable journey through a landscape of national parks and cultural villages and towns. See the world’s natural wonders and some of the most spectacular wildlife, the planet’s Big Five – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. Enjoy tranquil days with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and then finish your Chobe River Cruise with a trip along the Zambezi River to see the awe-inspiring majesty of the thundering Victoria Falls. Whether your interest is photography, wildlife, landscapes, or relaxation, you’ll find your own heaven on this epic African waterway. Our Chobe River cruises last eight days and can be combined with longer stays in national parks or cities like Cape Town for a more extended holiday.



Arrive in Zimbabwe

Arrive in Zimbabwe

Arrive in Zimbabwe and cross into Botswana to Kasane, ready to explore the Chobe National Park.

Kasane and Chobe National Park

Kasane and Chobe National Park

Spend the day on a 4×4 road safari to see some of the spectacular game in one of the best natural wildlife and wilderness areas in Southern Africa. There is a massive variety of species due to the lush vegetation, all down to the many waterways which run through and adjacent to the National Park, including the Chobe River. See leopard, lions, buffalo and elephant with our experienced tour guides.

Embark on your Chobe River Cruiser

Embark on your Chobe River Cruiser

Meet your vessel from one of the many tender boats that ferry guests to their cruiser. Float lazily down the Chobe River and marvel at the stunning views and the peace and serenity of this unique environment. See over 450 bird species plus game coming down to the water’s edge to drink and bathe. Relax in peace in the privacy of your room with beautiful river vistas as your companion or take advantage of the crew’s knowledge and experience and learn more about one of the world’s most remarkable natural environments. Wake up and fall asleep to the sound of gently lapping waters.

Kasane and Victoria Falls

Kasane and Victoria Falls

Return to Kasane, where you will disembark and travel to Victoria Falls, one of the world’s largest waterfalls and the greatest curtain of falling water on the planet when its height and width are combined. The Victoria Falls straddle the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland North province. Adrenalin junkies can enjoy bungee jumping or white-water rafting, or there are more sedate canoe and fishing trips, plus scenic day tours around the Falls on a restored colonial-era steam railway.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

At the end of your cruise, why not stay a while in Victoria Falls, a small resort town and central tourist hub sitting on the south bank of the Zambezi River and underneath the spray of the famous waterfalls? With easy access to the Zambezi National Park, visitors can continue sightseeing on land with public and private safari tours or opt for an upstream cruise on the Zambezi River.

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Chobe River
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Stunning Scenery

The Chobe meanders through floating papyrus mats and reeds with the odd low, flat island covered in lush, green vegetation like the riverbanks. The water and verdant growth always attract large numbers of game who are untroubled by the peaceful, floating vessels. See wildlife as you’ve never seen it before on one of Africa’s most famous rivers and in one of the world’s most photographed landscapes.

Customer Reviews of
Chobe River

“Not our first time in Africa but our first time cruising the Chobe. We’ve done road safaris before, but this was so different; there’s just something unique about the river and the serenity, plus the sunrises and sunsets are truly spectacular. Service on the cruiser was very relaxed but still excellent, and the cuisine was gorgeous. It’s much more laid back than other cruises we’ve done, so if you want to just relax with wall-to-wall wildlife and scenery, then pick this one for your next trip.”

James and Alice, Reading

“We actually chose this cruise because our focus was on low passenger numbers, and we wanted to go somewhere less predictable and touristy, so it was a first on many levels. The main bulk of the cruise is spent on the Chobe, but you can make it really personal; the views from the cabins are spectacular, and we had a lot of room service! We didn’t follow the guided tours at the port stops and just explored on our own, but there are many planned itineraries if that’s what you want. The boat was faultless in terms of luxury and quality cuisine.”

Abe and Penny, Newcastle

“This cruise was a surprise present for my partner; she’s a wildlife enthusiast and has always wanted to go on safari. I chose the cruise option because it seemed like such a good way to see nature in the wild. The cruiser was very luxurious, and the scenery and wildlife lived up to its billing. We’ll definitely be back.”

Robbie, Salisbury

“As experienced river cruisers, we decided to take a walk on the wild side and leave Europe for undiscovered Africa. The low passenger numbers were a real bonus compared to some European cruises, and we spent more time on the vessel than usual. Having said that, the scenery and wildlife watching were truly spectacular, and the vessel’s design with all the glass meant you really felt part of the river. The cruiser was very luxurious, and the staff friendly and hospitable; it’s a different type of cruise to what we’ve experienced before, but we’ll definitely be back.”

Arianne and Ed, Watford

Trustpilot Reviews


Personal Experience of a crui.se Team Member

Jess, Crui.se Expert

Chobe River Cruises 2024 & 2025

I’ve never cruised in Africa, and the European cruises I have been on are always action-packed, with a different port and itinerary every day. It seemed a bit counter-intuitive to spend four days just drifting along the river, that was until I actually did it. The wildlife is spectacular, and the rhythm of the water and the absolute tranquillity are totally addictive. There are amazing views from every cabin and deck- you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The vessels are luxurious with low passenger numbers, so it almost feels like your own personal cruise.

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Chobe River Cruises FAQ

You can check our frequently ask questions here anytime

How do you manage passengers with allergies or restricted diets?

Our gourmet chefs cook up a storm every day with a variety of dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options daily, plus menus for passengers with food intolerances or dietary restrictions. Guests enjoy African and international cuisine with a particular emphasis on regionally inspired dishes and always with a real focus on taste and flavour.

Is there access on board for guests with mobility restrictions?

All our cruisers have access for guests with mobility restrictions or difficulties. Talk through your specific requirements when you book, and our team will guarantee that you are placed in the best cabin for your needs. We’ll discuss the boat layout so you understand how you can move around on board, and we’ll cater to any specific requirements to ensure your cruise is memorable for all the right reasons.

What is the company policy on Covid vaccinations?

Our booking team will let you know when you make your reservation, and if anything changes between then and your cruise departure date, we’ll get in touch and let you know. We follow the latest Covid protocols from the World Health Organisation and keep up to date with local rules in the regions we sail through. Our on-board staff are all fully vaccinated.

Do I need a visa for a Chobe River Cruise?

You’ll need a visa which it is up to you to arrange. This should be done well ahead of your cruise date in case of any delays. Our booking experts can provide some general advice on what’s involved when you make your reservation.

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