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Booking a cruise, or even a holiday in general, can be very stressful. does all the hard work for you. Our experienced team help you research and shortlist your perfect cruise holiday.

The Euphoria of

Do you enjoy researching multiple holidays, shortlisting them, booking them, then getting that sinking feeling inside. Did we make the right choice. With, we take that anxiety away by giving you all the details, from the culinary menus to the excursions, and much more.

The Experience

Our agents have years of experience in the cruise industry, working in-house for some of the best cruise brands in the world. They also love going on cruise holidays. Who better to advise you on your next adventure than a seasoned Except Donna, Donna hates cruises.

Building The Excitement

We want to build the anticipation of your ultimate holiday. You won’t book and then not hear from us until the week before. We want to bring you as much info to equip you for your exceptional experience so you can hit the ground running.

We’re Not Running Aground

Our agents are available while you’re on your perfect cruise holiday to assist with any queries you may have. Hopefully you have a swell time and come back and book with us next time.
Our story

We got into the cruise business to provide exceptional service, inspire customers, and deliver amazing experiences. We want to help you to find the best cruise to suit your wants and desires. We’re a passenger in this journey, holding a map, giving you key advice and details. Find out more about our journey below.


We start our travel journey.

In 2018, we got our first taste of the travel industry at a well-known UK online travel agent. This amplified our love for travel and helping customers find the best experiences.


We set sail.

Buoyed by our love for travel, we started a digital marketing agency, helping travel companies spread their message and get more sales.


Final destination.

Here we are today. Providing first-class, bespoke, cruise holidays to people around the UK.


Final destination.

Here we are today. Providing first-class, bespoke, cruise holidays to people around the UK.


To infinity and beyond.

As we continue to grow we’ll add new destinations, brands and cruise types for our customers to choose from.

8th August 2023

Our first hire.

We hired the lovely Rachel as our Cruise Consultant. With over 15 years travel experience working for TUI, Rachel brings so much experience to the business. She has a great sense of humor too.

16th August 2023

We made our first sale.

Rachel hit the ground running and we took our maiden booking from a lovely woman who is heading on the AmaDouro by AmaWaterways. She booked the popular Enticing Douro 7 night cruise for her and her friend. Safe to say we were chuffed and she received some flowers in the post. Well, not in the post post! You know what we mean.